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26 April 2023

DMC adds two new sizes to its PCAP Touchscreen DUS-N series

DMC has added two new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series. The new sizes 15.6W (DUS-N156WA060A) and 21.5W […]

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03 October 2022

Release of Narrow Bezel PCAP Touchscreen DUS-N Series from DMC

DMC announces the release of a new PCAP product “DUS-N” series, available from September 1st 2022.  The DUS-N series has […]

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01 April 2022

Smartphone-like Light-Touch Operation with DMC’s LST serie

The DMC LST series has a structure that reduces friction when the film and glass come into contact, so that […]

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11 January 2022

Introduction video DMC Touch controller tuning tool Easy Builder

DMC has released an introduction video of the “Easy Builder” app on YouTube. “Easy Builder” is a tuning tool for PCAP controller that can […]

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28 December 2021

DMC adds 17” resistive touch screen to MTR-G series

The size lineup of DMC MTR-G series resistive touch screen has been expanded by  17”. The DMC MTR-G series is […]

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03 June 2021

Touch controller tuning tool Easy Builder

DMC has released an introduction video of their “Easy Builder” app on YouTube. “Easy Builder” is a tuning tool for PCAP […]

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10 May 2021

DMC PCAP touch screen that can be used in -40°C

DMC will extend the specification values of operating temperature range (low-side) for “DUS-A series” PCAP touch screens and “DUSx200 series” […]

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10 March 2021

DMC Glass/Glass PCAP sensors DFS series

This time we are introducing the DMC DFS series, not the conventional products, but the new models DFS series. They […]

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23 November 2020

Resistive controller board with gesture function TSC-52/U has released

DMC  has started to accept orders for TSC-52/U, resistive touch controller board with gesture function. (Shipment will start in December). […]

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19 October 2020

DMC releases PCAP Touch screen Controller Auto Adjustment Tool “Easy Builder”

In general, projected capacitive type touch screens are susceptible to surrounding noises, which causes touch controllers to be optimized individually. […]

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07 September 2020

DMC launches Antivirus and Antibacterial Films for Industrial Touch Screens

DMC Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of the new antivirus and antibacterial films called “FV Series”. “FV […]

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19 August 2020

DMC announces the launch of standard cover glass solutions

DMC Co., Ltd. is, a company specialized for industrial touch screens, announces the launch of Standard cover-glass solution for capacitive […]

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22 July 2020

New DMC Film/Film touch screen “DUS-XF Series” for industrial use

On May 19, 2020, DMC introduced the new capacitive touchscreen “Film / Film Structure” “DUS-XF series”. DUS-XF Series is developed […]

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19 May 2020

DMC releases New PCAP touch screen “DFS Series”

On April 15, 2020, DMC released the new Glass/Glass projected capacitive touch screen “DFS series”. The DFS series is a […]

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24 February 2020

DMC releases small size lineup PCAP Touch Screen ”DUS-V Series”

“DUS-V Series” is a Film/Film structure project capacitive touch screen that is usually used for consumer products like smartphones, due […]

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13 November 2019

DMC launches Metal Mesh capacitive type DUS-M series touch screens

Projective Capacitive touch screen for large display The metal mesh structure is ideal for large panels Using fine-wire which improve […]

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01 October 2019

DMC releases large size “MTR-G Series” and “LST Series

In august 2019 DMC released large size lineup for “MTR-G Series” and “LST Series”. You can find the new sizes […]

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21 August 2019

DMC released, Projected Capacitive Touch Screen “DUS-A Series

A wide ranging product lineup from 7W to 32 inch is available “DUS-A Series” is a new standard model of […]

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14 August 2019

New Film/Film PCAP Touch Screen ”DUS-V Series” will be released

DMC will release a new product, “DUS-V Series” on August 19th, 2019. “DUS-V Series” is a Film/Film structure touch screen […]

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