DMC released, Projected Capacitive Touch Screen “DUS-A Series

|21 August 2019

A wide ranging product lineup from 7W to 32 inch is available

“DUS-A Series” is a new standard model of DMC Projected Capacitive touch screens. Modules with this screen will be more compact and easily bond on LCD by thin and almost symmetry bezel. Or you can choose low brightness LCD by Suppressed Electrode Pattern.

Advanced model of Projected Capacitive Touch Screen.

01 Electrode patterning is less visible
DUS-A touch screens suppress visibility of electrode patterning so that they realize beautiful appearance even with low brightness display

02 Narrow Frame Design
Its thin wirings contribute to narrow frame. Sub-symmetry design makes it easy to bond it on LCD.

03 Enhance the Noise-Filtering with controller DUSx200
Combined with the latest DUSx200 controller, DUS-A touch screens can support water detecting function, input with gloves and stylus pen, and higher resistance against external noise.

04 Glass/Glass Structure
Touch screen with Glass/Glass structure is ideal for industrial applications. This structure has high durability against physical impact and UV compared with film structure.

DMC Safe & Reliable Products

Support usage under severe environment by combined with DMC controller
DMC offers the products that can be used under severe environments from both aspects of hardware and software by combining touch screen and controller

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