About Nijkerk Electronics

Specialist in Display & Power Solutions

Nijkerk Electronics was founded in Amsterdam in 1959 as a distributor of electronic components with subsidiaries in The Netherlands and Belgium. As one of the last independent companies of its kind Nijkerk Electronics succeeded in developing herself as one of the most important suppliers of Display Solutions and Passive Power Components.


Providing our customers with the products they need for their applications and delivering them at the right time.


Nijkerk Electronics aims to be a long-term independent distributor in the Benelux region for optical, low-power, and power electronics components.

We aspire to be the best supplier for our customers in their market segment by making the optimal choice of suppliers in each major group, excelling in reliability and employee engagement, and leading the way in innovation.

Unlock Your Electronics Potential with Nijkerk Electronics

High-Quality Components

Leading & Innovative Suppliers

Nijkerk Electronics only works with the world’s leading suppliers for its Passive Power Components as well as its Display Solutions. Quality, reliability and innovation are key characteristics for our suppliers. With many of our product groups Nijkerk Electronics represents the world’s market leaders. Nijkerk Electronics is a certified distributor of all its suppliers.

Technical Expertise

Dedicated (Sales) Engineers

Our goal is to let our customers choose the perfect component. Experienced and well-trained (sales) engineers advise our customers on possible solutions and their consequences. If a default component does not meet the requirements, a custom made one can be a possible solution. Our engineers work closely together with the concerned supplier when it comes to designing a custom made solution.

In The Heart of Europe

Local Offices in Belgium & The Netherlands

Nijkerk Electronics operates in the Dutch and Belgian market from their respective local offices in Amsterdam and Antwerp. In these offices we have people working who know the local market like the back of their hand. Nijkerk Electronics values building personal relations with our customers.


Reliable Partnership

Customized Logistics & Support with Local Warehouse

Nijkerk Electronics has its own warehouse and advanced software systems. With these systems, Nijkerk Electronics meets the specific logistical demands of its customers, for example keeping a buffer stock for just-in-time delivery.

Recently Nijkerk Electronics has invested strategically in state-of-the-art software and computer technology, to optimize its role as a leading value added distributor of electronic components. This results in an automated, digitalized and fully traceable logistical process.

Solid Network

Part of The Nijkerk Group

Nijkerk Electronics is part of The Nijkerk Group. The Nijkerk Group currently has 240 employees and is active in the following business units: Distribution of electronic components, System Integration for Industrial Computer Technology, IP Networking integration, Enterprise applications for the Energy, Utility & Facility (EUF) as well as the Transport Systems markets.