DMC PCAP touch screen that can be used in -40°C

|10 May 2021

DMC will extend the specification values of operating temperature range (low-side) for “DUS-A series” PCAP touch screens and “DUSx200 series” PCAP controllers.

Operating Temperature

PCAP touch screen “DUS-A Series” (7 to 32inch)



-20°C to 80°C (no condensation)

-40°C to 80°C (no condensation)


PCAP Controller “DUSx200 Series”



-20°C to 85°C (no condensation)

-40°C to 85°C (no condensation)

DUS-A series is the flagship model for PCAP touch screen with glass/glass structure. DMC has completed development of all the models in this product lineup in 2020. In the meantime, many of their customers who would like to use our weather-resistant glass/glass touch screen outdoors desire guarantee of operation under more lower temperatures. In order to meet such request, DMC conducted more severe temperature verification tests to prove the high environmental durability of our products.

DUS-A series already has a function to reduce UV damage to LCD with DMC’s original UV-absorbing structure. With this improvement of temperature range specifications added, now we are confident in supporting totally outdoors applications, which are difficult for other competitive products.

Recently there has been increasing demands for rugged touch screens for outdoors applications such as EV power supply units, home delivery boxes, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery. DUS-A series covers wide range of world environments, from strong sunlight with heat to extreme cold environments.

In addition, we have compatible controllers “DUSx200 Series” with moisture-proof insulating coating added for still colder environment.

For more information, please contact Nijkerk Electronics.

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