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15 August 2023

Tailor-Made touchscreen LCD modules by DMC

The DMC’s DUSH brand enables the expression of originality in products, which has been difficult for device and unit manufacturers […]

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26 April 2023

DMC adds two new sizes to its PCAP Touchscreen DUS-N series

DMC has added two new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series. The new sizes 15.6W (DUS-N156WA060A) and 21.5W […]

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31 March 2023

Industrial smart touch monitors from DMC with a choice of touch panel methods

It is important to balance design aesthetics with industrial reliability in challenging application scenarios. When you need rugged touch with […]

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06 December 2022

Formula Electric Belgium uses Nijkerk Electronic display and safety components

Formula Electric Belgium is a racing team, run by students from KU Leuven and Thomas More. Every year an electric […]

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03 October 2022

Release of Narrow Bezel PCAP Touchscreen DUS-N Series from DMC

DMC announces the release of a new PCAP product “DUS-N” series, available from September 1st 2022.  The DUS-N series has […]

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06 April 2021

New DLC displays for wearable devices, industrial application and general use

Nijkerk Electronics supplier DLC display introduces three new displays. These displays are designed for different applications. The Amoled display is […]

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07 September 2020

DMC launches Antivirus and Antibacterial Films for Industrial Touch Screens

DMC Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of the new antivirus and antibacterial films called “FV Series”. “FV […]

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19 August 2020

DMC announces the launch of standard cover glass solutions

DMC Co., Ltd. is, a company specialized for industrial touch screens, announces the launch of Standard cover-glass solution for capacitive […]

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22 July 2020

New DMC Film/Film touch screen “DUS-XF Series” for industrial use

On May 19, 2020, DMC introduced the new capacitive touchscreen “Film / Film Structure” “DUS-XF series”. DUS-XF Series is developed […]

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19 May 2020

DMC releases New PCAP touch screen “DFS Series”

On April 15, 2020, DMC released the new Glass/Glass projected capacitive touch screen “DFS series”. The DFS series is a […]

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14 November 2019

The possibilities of a Custom Made Cover for touchscreens

With the rise of mobile phones and tablets, the use of (projected capacitive) touchscreens has taken a firm hold in […]

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21 August 2019

DMC released, Projected Capacitive Touch Screen “DUS-A Series

A wide ranging product lineup from 7W to 32 inch is available “DUS-A Series” is a new standard model of […]

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