DMC adds 6 new sizes to the DUS-N Series

28 November 2023

DMC has added six new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series, narrow frame products of PCAP touch screens.


About the DUS-N series

DUS-N series is a capacitive touchscreen with a narrow bezel design that increases screen-to-body ratio. It can increase screen size without changing the device size. It can also be effective in next-generation device development by miniaturizing the device body while maintaining the screen size.

Slim, Thin & Compact Narrow Bezel Design

The frame was narrowed with its internal wiring space minimized. It can be used for slim bezel products and compact embedded products.

Robust Glass Dual-Layer Touchscreen

Two sheets of glass are bonded together without an air layer to ensure high transparency and clear visibility, while the laminated glass provides a high degree of robustness.

Safe Visibility Even with Low-Luminance Displays

The standard specification includes ‘pattern visibility suppression’, which makes electrode patterns easier to see even on low-brightness displays. Clean, easy-to-see screen displays provide peace of mind and comfort of use.

Why choose the DUS-N SERIES?

Uniquely Developed High UV-Absorbing Structure

DMC’s unique UV absorbing structure absorbs UV rays on the touchscreen with the ability to reduce UV damage to the LCD display. Can also be used for products used under intense sunlight.

High Temperature Resistance in Hot to Cold

Guaranteed to operate in environments from -40°C to 80°C, providing high temperature resistance. It can be used in products deployed worldwide, from the intense high-temperature environments of tropical countries to the extreme low-temperature environments of northern countries.

High Operational Performance & Noise Immunity

Fine-tuning with DMC’s unique touch screen controller allows for water detection, glove operation and pen use, as well as noise filtering to enhance the ability to cope with high noise environments.

DUS-N series Line Up

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