DMC releases ‘DUS-LD Series’ Thin Touchscreen with Cover Glass

|26 October 2023

DMC has released a new capacitive touchscreen product, the DUS-LD series.

The DUS-LD series uses DOG (Direct print on glass) technology to integrate the cover glass and upper ITO glass into a single panel, achieving a thinner panel without sacrificing robustness. It provides a strong and smart installation that does not spoil the design of the product.

Compared to the DUS-LA series, which is the same “capacitive touchscreen with cover glass,” the DUS-LD series weighs approximately 40% less. (For 21.5″ size)

The product lineup includes two sizes, 15.6″ and 21.5″ wide, each supported by a DUSx200 series controller.

Slim & Functional Cover-Glass touchscreen

DOG (Direct print on glass) technology allows the ‘black bezel’ to be printed directly on the ITO glass, resulting in both high robustness and slimness.

Thin glass adoption. Slim down to weight.

Cover-Glass & thin glass are bonded together without an air layer to maintain toughness, while slimming down the weight in addition to the thickness. It is easy to handle & contributes to reducing the weight of installed products.

Why choose the DUS-LD Series?

Glass components used. Slimmed down from 3 to 2 pieces.

It has one less glass than the normal configuration (cover glass + glass + glass) and is approximately 60% slimmer than our standard product. (e.g. DUS-LA SERIES thickness 4.3 mm → 2.5 mm)

Reducing weight

As a result of the slimmer glass sensor, the total weight of the product has been reduced by approximately 40% compared to the standard product (e.g. compared to the 21.5 inch size DUS-LA series). The ease of handling has also been further improved.

If you want more information or if you have any questions, please contact Nijkerk Electronics!

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