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28 November 2023

DMC adds 6 new sizes to the DUS-N Series

DMC has added six new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series, narrow frame products of PCAP touch screens. […]

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26 October 2023

DMC releases ‘DUS-LD Series’ Thin Touchscreen with Cover Glass

DMC has released a new capacitive touchscreen product, the DUS-LD series. The DUS-LD series uses DOG (Direct print on glass) […]

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15 August 2023

Tailor-Made touchscreen LCD modules by DMC

The DMC’s DUSH brand enables the expression of originality in products, which has been difficult for device and unit manufacturers […]

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26 April 2023

DMC adds two new sizes to its PCAP Touchscreen DUS-N series

DMC has added two new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series. The new sizes 15.6W (DUS-N156WA060A) and 21.5W […]

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31 March 2023

Industrial smart touch monitors from DMC with a choice of touch panel methods

It is important to balance design aesthetics with industrial reliability in challenging application scenarios. When you need rugged touch with […]

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08 March 2023

Suppliers Nijkerk Electronics at Embedded World 14-16 march

From 14-16 march, Embedded World will take place at the Nuremberg Messe. The following suppliers of Nijkerk Electronics will participate […]

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03 October 2022

Release of Narrow Bezel PCAP Touchscreen DUS-N Series from DMC

DMC announces the release of a new PCAP product “DUS-N” series, available from September 1st 2022.  The DUS-N series has […]

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01 April 2022

Smartphone-like Light-Touch Operation with DMC’s LST serie

The DMC LST series has a structure that reduces friction when the film and glass come into contact, so that […]

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28 December 2021

DMC adds 17” resistive touch screen to MTR-G series

The size lineup of DMC MTR-G series resistive touch screen has been expanded by  17”. The DMC MTR-G series is […]

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03 June 2021

Touch controller tuning tool Easy Builder

DMC has released an introduction video of their “Easy Builder” app on YouTube. “Easy Builder” is a tuning tool for PCAP […]

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10 May 2021

DMC PCAP touch screen that can be used in -40°C

DMC will extend the specification values of operating temperature range (low-side) for “DUS-A series” PCAP touch screens and “DUSx200 series” […]

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10 March 2021

DMC Glass/Glass PCAP sensors DFS series

This time we are introducing the DMC DFS series, not the conventional products, but the new models DFS series. They […]

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