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18 June 2024

New 1.92-inch 160×128 Graphic COG OLED Support Grayscale with PCB from Winstar

This OLED module series from Winstar has a resolution of 160×128 dots, with a diagonal size of 1.92 inches, and […]

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12 June 2024

SkelGrid 2.0: Flexible, Scalable, and Easy-to-Maintain with Integrated Master Controller and Modular Switchgear by Skeleton

SkelGrid 2.0 is an innovative energy storage system designed by Skeleton to meet diverse needs. This technical post delves into […]

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04 June 2024

New AC/DC Din Rails in Slim Design by RECOM

RECOM has launched the REDIIN series of DIN rail AC/DC power supplies with a universal input of 90-264V, rated at […]

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31 May 2024

Presentation by Isabellenhütte “High precision current, voltage, and insulation measurement with CAN bus interface for battery management systems”

Last week, Nijkerk Electronics participated in the Power Electronics & Battery Storage event. It was a successful event with many […]

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27 May 2024

New 15.6-inch 1920×1080 Full HD IPS Display from Winstar

The WF1560ATWFA5LEN0 from Winstar is an Full HD (High Definition) 15.6-inch IPS display module with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels […]

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21 May 2024

InMotion uses Nijkerk Electronics equipment to develop fast electric charging technology

InMotion is a student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology, with the ambition to shape the future of electric […]

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24 April 2024

Isabellenhütte IVT3 pro module with CAN interface combines current and voltage measurement with insulation monitor

The IVT 3 is a compact high precision current measurement device. The Pro version supports insulation resistance monitoring and 3 […]

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24 April 2024

Blanview – OrtusTech’s Unique Display Technology for outdoor applications

Blanview is Toppan’s unique TFT-LCD technology enabling the display to create high contrast and crisp images even in bright circumstances […]

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24 April 2024

Geyer expands VCXO (voltage controlled crystal oscillator) with new KXO-77 series

Geyer is expanding the VCXO with a new KXO-77 series. With the model KXO-77, Geyer is the first to offer […]

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15 April 2024

Quick COG OLED Module Selection Guide by Winstar

It is expected that OLED technology will emerge as they leading next-generation technology for displays. OLED displays offer many significant […]

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03 April 2024

Nijkerk Electronics extends its Power Products portfolio with Solid State Relays from Sensata – Crydom

In addition to the electromechanical contactors and the thermal fuses Nijkerk Electronics has added Solid State Relays (SSR) to its […]

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26 March 2024

8-inch MIPI IPS 800×1280 TFT LCD Display from Winstar

The WF80GSYAUMN series from Winstar comprises three distinct 8-inch TFT-LCD display modules; the WF80GSYAUMNN0, WF80GSYAUMNG0, and WF80GSYAUMNT0, all designed for […]

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19 March 2024

Isabellenhütte High precision DC energy meter

The IEM-DCR from Isabellenhütte is a DIN rail mounted and shunt based solution for DC energy metering. It is available […]

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12 March 2024

DLC adds 4 new displays for Home Automation, White goods and Outdoor Applications

DLC introduces four new displays in Q1 2024, of which two with IPS display mode, one with transmissive display mode […]

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28 February 2024

Learning More About Smart Display RS485 by Winstar

In a previous technical article titled SmartDisplay RS485 Introduction a preliminary introduction to RS485 and Modbus protocol was provided. In […]

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20 February 2024

Vicfuse 10×38 fuse with DIN rail holder

VC10 from Vicfuse is a fast acting , full range fuse used in protection of inverters, UPS, motor control or […]

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14 February 2024

3 new OLED displays from Winstar

Winstar adds 3 new OLED displays to its product range. WEO012864AH is a 1.54-inch COG 128×64 graphic OLED display module. […]

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07 February 2024

Winstar adds 2 TFT-LCD Displays

Winstar has added 2 new TFT LCD displays to its product range. The 1.54″ 240×240 IPS TFT Square LCD Display […]

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30 January 2024

MWT introducing new series with 12.1/15.6-inch High/Normal-Brightness TFT-LCD Modules

MWT introduces their newest innovation, the MW-121/MW-156 new series. This series has 12.1/15.6-inch High/Normal-Brightness TFT-LCD Modules with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen […]

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22 January 2024

Alphanumeric SMD 7 segment displays from BETLUX are now available

BETLUX is a leader in the field of high reliability seven segment display. They offer a wide rang of standard products […]

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17 January 2024

TUC serie, new common mode from Tokyo Parts

The new TUC serie common mode inductors from Tokyo Parts can replace the classic common mode inductors. Full automated winding […]

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09 January 2024

How to send command to switch page on Smart Display via custom CAN by Winstar

By using an Arduino board and the MCP2515 CAN controller, you can easily control a SmartDisplay with a physical button. […]

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19 December 2023

New 3-Phase Reactors from Elytone

Elytone launches the 3-Phase Reactor series.  This series is intented for the attenuation of notches and spikes as well as […]

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13 December 2023

Nippon Chemi-Con develops Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor HXK series

Nippon Chemi-Con has developed the new HXK series. The HXK series offers higher capacitance and a higher ripple current compared […]

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05 December 2023

Winstar adds 4 new displays

Winstar adds 4 new displays to its product range.  The displays are suitable for home appliances, electronics divices, catering equipment, […]

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28 November 2023

DMC adds 6 new sizes to the DUS-N Series

DMC has added six new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series, narrow frame products of PCAP touch screens. […]

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20 November 2023

Sensata Technologies Introduces GTM400 and GTM500 Bidirectional Contactors for Energy Storage, DC Fast Charging and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Sensata Technologies announced the launch of its Gigavac GTM400 and GTM500 bidirectional contactors for applications up to 1500 Vdc and […]

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17 November 2023

Winstar Tech Article: How does HOST communicate with SmartDisplay via CANopen

A system interface and a communication protocol are required to control a smart display. System integration controls Smart-Display products in […]

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15 November 2023

LUMINEQ Boosts Transparent Display Innovation with Cutting-Edge MLA 300 Laser Exposure Tool from Heidelberg Instruments

Lumineq has announced a strategic investment in state-of-the-art machinery, including the MLA 300 laser exposure tool from Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik […]

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13 November 2023

Nijkerk Electronics welcomes Jeroen Kaptein as new sales manager

We are very happy to announce that, as of Nov-6th, our team is strengthened with Jeroen Kaptein. Jeroen possesses a […]

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07 November 2023

PMOLED Compatible Solution for SSD1307 and CH1115 IC

Since SSD1307 is going to be End of Life, Winstar has developed a new series of products using CH1115 instead […]

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31 October 2023

Supercapacitors from Skeleton Enable Grid-Friendly Fast Charging for Public Transportation

Skeleton has developed a supercapacitor-powered fast charging station for public transportation. The fast charging station enables buses and delivery vehicles […]

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26 October 2023

DMC releases ‘DUS-LD Series’ Thin Touchscreen with Cover Glass

DMC has released a new capacitive touchscreen product, the DUS-LD series. The DUS-LD series uses DOG (Direct print on glass) […]

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17 October 2023

Nippon Chemi-Con Supercapacitor Module for Use in Large-Scale Equipment

Nippon Chemi-Con has developed a supercapacitor module for high-voltage and high-current applications. This product is characterized by the use of […]

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10 October 2023

Winstar introduces 5 new OLED displays

Winstar introduces 5 new OLED displays. The new displays are a good fit for applications such as smart home appliances, […]

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06 October 2023

Isabellenhütte Busbar Shunts for Current Measurement in E-Mobility

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a transformation. Electromobility is gaining in importance in all vehicle sectors – from passenger […]

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