5-inch 720×1280 HDMI TFT LCD Module with OCA PCAP Technology from Winstar

10 July 2024

WF50DSYF3MHG1V from Winstar is a 5-inch portrait mode 720×1280 TFT-LCD display module supporting HDMI signals. The module control board supports HDMI signal interface and can communicate through DVI signal interface. The module also features a 40-pin GPIO connector, making it more convenient for Raspberry Pi developers to use, and the design with multiple screw holes allows customers to easily fix the module on their application products. This module utilizes the LT6911C TFT controller IC.

WF50DSYF3MHG1V’s 720×1280 display module features a projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) and adopts optical bonding technology (OCA), which enhances ruggedness, impact resistance, and vibration resistance, while also increasing scratch resistance, preventing water vapor and dust from invading the LCD internals, and extending the lifespan of the display product. The PCAP touchscreen includes a built-in IC GT928, enabling 1-point/2-point/multiple-point touch and supporting a USB interface.

This TFT module adopts IPS technology, providing good viewing angles, better color performance, less color distortion (with viewing angles of 80 degrees in all directions), a resolution of 720 x 1280 dots, and a typical 16:9 aspect ratio, offering a clear and vivid visual experience. It also boasts a high brightness of 900 cd/m² and a high contrast ratio of 800:1, ensuring optimal visibility even in bright environments, providing a comfortable viewing experience.

WF50DSYF3MHG1V operates within a temperature range of -20 to +70°C, with a storage range of -30 to +80°C. The supply voltage range is 4.75V to 5.25V, typically 5.0V. Its 5-inch diagonal size design suits various industrial applications, including home security solutions (e.g., access control systems) and mixing console (e.g., studio console, live console, broadcast console). Offering diversified industrial applications and excellent reliability, WF50DSYF3MHG1V is the preferred solution for numerous industries.



  • Size : 5-inch (Portrait Mode)
  • Resolution : 720 x 1280 dots
  • View Direction : IPS
  • Interface : Support HDMI Connector (Only DVI Signal)
  • Controller IC : LT6911C
  • Control-Board : Yes
  • Brightness(cd/m²) : 900
  • Frame Through Hole : No
  • Touch Screen : Projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP), OCA
  • Detect Point (Fingers) : 1 / 2 / Option
  • Operating Temperature : -20~+70℃

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