DMC is a Japanese touch screen manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Due to its focus on industrial applications DMC has become a leading company, achieving more than a 50% share in the touchscreen market in Japan. With 40% of DMC’s total production exported to overseas regions (especially to Europe) DMC is worldwide respected. DMC provides Japanese quality that is renowned for its high reliability, flexible response, responsive support system and wide range of solutions.


DMC Products

  • Touch Screen Panels
  • Touch Screen Controllers

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28 November 2023

DMC adds 6 new sizes to the DUS-N Series

DMC has added six new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series, narrow frame products of PCAP touch screens. […]

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26 October 2023

DMC releases ‘DUS-LD Series’ Thin Touchscreen with Cover Glass

DMC has released a new capacitive touchscreen product, the DUS-LD series. The DUS-LD series uses DOG (Direct print on glass) […]

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15 August 2023

Tailor-Made touchscreen LCD modules by DMC

The DMC’s DUSH brand enables the expression of originality in products, which has been difficult for device and unit manufacturers […]

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26 April 2023

DMC adds two new sizes to its PCAP Touchscreen DUS-N series

DMC has added two new sizes to the lineup of the DUS-N series. The new sizes 15.6W (DUS-N156WA060A) and 21.5W […]

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