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04 June 2024

New AC/DC Din Rails in Slim Design by RECOM

RECOM has launched the REDIIN series of DIN rail AC/DC power supplies with a universal input of 90-264V, rated at […]

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04 September 2023

36 – 160VDC input DC/DCs for Railway Applications, 3W, 6W, and 10W by RECOM

RECOM’s cost-effective RPxx-RAW series is perfect for isolated, auxiliary supplies in rail and wider voltage range applications, with its 36 […]

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17 July 2023

All-in-one: RECOM AC/DC power supply in IEC mains filter housing

RECOM’s latest patented innovation fits a universal AC input power supply inside the case of a standard IEC mains filter. […]

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17 April 2023

RECOM 40W Board-mount DC/DCs for Railway Applications

The new RECOM RPA40-FR series of rugged, board-mount DC/DC converters in a 2“ x 1” x 0.4” (50.8 x 25.4 […]

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08 March 2023

Suppliers Nijkerk Electronics at Embedded World 14-16 march

From 14-16 march, Embedded World will take place at the Nuremberg Messe. The following suppliers of Nijkerk Electronics will participate […]

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25 January 2023

Recom adds RACM130E-K AC/DC with 130W peak output

Recom is expanding their AC/DC range. The cost-effective RACM130E-K series in a 2”x4” footprint is now available with 130W peak […]

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07 December 2022

RECOM launches versatile and cost-efficient 90W 2” x 4” AC/DC

RECOM has added a 90W output version to their popular RACM series of AC/DC supplies for cost-sensitive applications. Specifications have […]

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01 December 2022

RECOM adds to AC/DC range with 130W product including comprehensive certifications

RECOM has expanded their popular range of AC/DC power supplies with the RACM130E-K series, in the industry-standard 2” x 4” […]

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15 November 2022

RECOM DC/DC converter range extended to 3W

RECOM has extended their range of DC/DC converters with a 3W version of their isolated RSH series in a surface-mount […]

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26 September 2022

RECOM RPY-1.5Q Automotive Qualified LED Driver with “Wettable Flanks”

The low-cost, high-efficiency, RPY-1.5Q AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified LED driver from RECOM is now available in a thermally-enhanced QFN package with an […]

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10 August 2022

RECOM launches compact Plug & Play Converter for E-Mobility

RECOM has launched their cost-effective RMOD500-W range of compact, plug-and-play DC/DC converters for off-highway E-mobility applications. Delivering 500W output, the […]

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28 March 2022

Recom 20W AC/DCs in 2 x 1 inch format are OVC III

OVC III, power-dense AC/DC modules feature wide input range and high isolation. RECOM has added a 20W part to its […]

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02 March 2022

RECOM announces a high-efficiency baseplate-cooled 500W DC/DC for rail applications.

Recom 500W Railway Compliant DC/DC is ‘Plug and Play’ The latest addition to RECOM’s railway portfolio is the RMD500-EW series. […]

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01 February 2022

Recom DC/DC converters designed for gate drive power

The new RA3 range of DC/DC converters is available from RECOM, designed to power IGBT, Si, SiC and GaN gate […]

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30 August 2021

Board-mount 5W AC/DC for harsh environments introduced by RECOM

5W AC/DC is OVC III and PD3-rated The RAC05-K/PD3/H from RECOM is a board-mounted 5W Class II AC/DC converter series, […]

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01 July 2021

RECOM announces the RPA150Q ultra-wide input 150W DC/DC series in a quarter-brick format.

16:1 input DC/DC is Ideal for Rail Applications RECOM is launching its 16:1 ultra-wide input high-isolation quarter-brick DC/DC converter, ideal […]

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14 June 2021

Miniature Buck Converter Delivers 4A

RECOM announces the RPX-4.0 cost-effective buck converter in a QFN package. RECOM has added a 4A option to its RPX series […]

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04 June 2021

Cost-efficient, regulated SIP8 DC/DC converters are fully featured

RECOM announces the launch of a range of regulated SIP8 DC/DC converters with high power density and industrial temperature range. […]

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08 March 2021

Cost-effective Recom SIP8 DC/DC converters

The Recom RSOE-Z and RSE-Z are two new series of SIP8 regulated DC/DC converters which have been developed for various […]

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01 February 2021

RECOM launches cost effective, high specification board-mount AC/DCs (2W and 3W)

RECOM is announcing the launch of two ranges of board-mount AC/DC converters, the RAC02E-K/277 and RAC03E-K/277, rated at 2W and […]

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05 January 2021

RECOM R1SX: Cutting Edge Mini DC/DC Converter

RECOM presents the R1SX power supplies. The R1SX is a Fully automated 1 Watt DC/DC converter and delivers stable performance […]

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21 December 2020

Tiny AC/DCs boast medical certification

RECOM announces the launch of its RACM40-K series of versatile 40W AC/DC power supplies RECOM has extended its range of […]

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15 December 2020

Is your ACDC power supply still compliant to safety standards in 2021?

Safety standards are an important consideration in the specification of an AC/DC or DC/DC converter. Standards continuously evolve and their […]

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02 December 2020

DC/DC converters in SOIC-16 package feature medical-grade isolation

RECOM announces the launch of its R05CT05S low-cost 0.5W DC/DC converter in a tiny SOIC-16 package RECOM, industry leader in […]

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