New AC/DC Din Rails in Slim Design by RECOM

|04 June 2024

RECOM has launched the REDIIN series of DIN rail AC/DC power supplies with a universal input of 90-264V, rated at 120W, 240W, and 480W output in addition to their existing range of DC/DC converters in DIN-rail format. The products feature innovative designs achieving up to 93.5% efficiency ratings in the standard DIN-rail form factor at widths of just 30mm, 40mm, and 56mm for 120W, 240W, and 480W versions, respectively. All products measure 123.4mm in depth and 123.6mm in height. Single outputs are available at 24V, 48VDC, and 12VDC for the 120W version, which are adjustable from the front panel.

Operating temperatures ranges between -30°C and +70°C with cold starting supported down to -40°C.

Extensive protection features in these devices include overvoltage, short circuit, temperature, overcurrent, and an integrated constant current mode to ensure safe starting under high capacitive loads.

Certifications include IEC/EN/UL62368-1, IEC/EN/UL61010-1, and IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-2-201 for safety as well as EN 55032/35 and EN 61204-3 for EMC, including EN 61000-6-4 Class B for application in heavy industry.

REDIIN series applications include power solutions in industrial control systems and automation, energy generation and distribution, measuring and testing equipment, and data and telecommunications.

“Our new DIN rail power supplies feature our signature innovation to achieve high-performance, compact, and affordable products”, says Michael Schrutka, MSc, AC/DC product manager at RECOM.

If you want more information or if you have any questions about this product, please contact Nijkerk Electronics!

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