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26 May 2021

Faratronic C3E series: High Voltage DC-link Capacitor. Suitable for use in traction drives for railway.

DC link capacitors are used for balancing the variation of power between the different DC power rails in the system. […]

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13 October 2020

Technical Blog: Class X and Class Y capacitors

Many safety regulations mandate that Class X or Class Y capacitors must be used whenever a “fail-to-short-circuit” could put humans […]

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26 June 2020

Box-type metallized polyester film capacitor

The Faratronic C24 are metallized polyester film capacitors for printed circuit boards. These film capacitors are the workers on the […]

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30 April 2020

Three-Phase AC-filter capacitors for harsh environments

The Faratronic C67 Three-phase AC-filter capacitor is designed for use in harsh environments. The capacitor is made of metallized polypropylene, […]

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02 December 2019

DC-Link metallized polypropylene segmented film capacitor for automotive applications.

Faratronic has introduced the Type C3D(V)DC-Link capacitor for automotive applications. The capacitors are AEC-Q200 qualified. Highlights: Type C3D(V)DC-Link capacitor for […]

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18 November 2019

Metallized polyester film surface mounted capacitor (Box-type)

Faratronic introduces the C57, a metallized polyester film surface mounted capacitor Highlights:  Metallized polyester film, non-inductive wound construction, plastic case […]

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