Three-Phase AC-filter capacitors for harsh environments

The Faratronic C67 Three-phase AC-filter capacitor is designed for use in harsh environments. The capacitor is made of metallized polypropylene, is explosion-proof (ATEX), self-healing and has a overpressure tear-off fuse more safety. The C67 is used for AC filtering, LCL filtering and power factor correction in application like wind turbines or uninterruptible power supplies.

The capacitor should be installed in a cool and well-ventilated place. The capacitors’ working ambient temperature that we recommend is 55℃ (or lower). When the ambient temperature exceeds 55℃, considering the ambient temperature rising, the active power of the capacitor should be gradually decreased. When it gets to the highest temperature (85℃), the active power of the capacitor should be decreased to 0 Watt.

For discharging are discharge resistors required. Resistors are needed for human protection (risk of electric shock) and for re-switching capacitors in automatic PFC equipment (Phase opposition). Discharge resistors must be designed to discharge capacitors within 180 seconds to 75 V or lower.

Expected lifetime of the capacitor

For capacitor applications, various factors will affect the expected lifetime of capacitors, such as voltage, temperature, current, network harmonics, humidity, lighting or radiation and other unknown factors. Voltage and temperature are the most basic factors. Because of all the factors listed above, except voltage, other factors will eventually show the rise of internal temperature of capacitors. The following curves show the relationship between capacitor life and voltage, temperature, etc. For your reference.

(Note:UW is the actual working voltage)                                     


Reference Standard

Optional: IEC 60831

Operating temperature range (θhs)

-40℃ ∼ 85℃ (It is suggested that θhs should be guaranteed to be less than 70℃ in the use process, otherwise the lifetime will be affected, as shown in the expected lifetime curve.)

Rated RMS Voltage (Urms)

230Vac ∼ 850Vac

Rated Frequency


Capacitance CN

8μF ∼ 330μF

Capacitance Tolerance

±5%, -5% ∼ +10%

Capacitor internal connection

Delta connection(△)

Storage Temperature

-40℃ ∼ 70℃


Aluminum can

Test voltage Between Terminals (UT-T)

2.15Urms or 1.5UN ,10s

Test voltage Between Terminals to Case

4 000Vac, 10s)

Insulation Resistance (IR×CN)

≥10 000s (20℃, 100V ,1min)

Dielectric dissipation factor tanδd


Explosion-proof device

Three phase overpressure disconnector

Internal stuffing

Vegetable oil (Non PCB)

Expected lifetime

|△C/C|≤5% after 100 000h @0.8 Urms, θhs ≤70℃

Mounting position

Vertical (The terminal must be upward)

Max. Torque of Installation

10 N·m(M12)

Max. Torque of terminals




Naturally air-cooled or force cooled

Maximum allowed altitude

2 000m

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