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21 October 2020

How our ultracapacitors provide peak power for driving simulators

Skeleton Technologies is working with one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies and provides its ultracapacitors […]

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10 September 2020

Ultracapacitor-powered Start-stop Systems in Passenger Cars

Start-stop systems in today’s passenger cars are almost always powered by lead-acid or AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries, but the […]

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18 May 2020


Ultracapacitor solution balances gradients and smooths genset power. Benefits of the Skeleton solution VSG can achieve immediate response<20 msec on load […]

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02 April 2020

Skeleton Technologies Launches a 17V Ultracapacitor Module for Wind Turbine Pitch Control

The SkelMod 17V 533F ultracapacitor module is the latest addition to Skeleton Technologies’ growing ultracapacitor product family. The module is […]

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29 January 2020

The Most Advanced Ultracapacitor Factory in the World – a Look Inside Skeleton Technologies’ Production

Skeleton Technologies‘ production facility in Grossröhrsdorf, Germany, is located in a cluster of high-tech manufacturing companies, in an area known […]

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