Ultracapacitor solution balances gradients and smooths genset power.

Benefits of the Skeleton solution

  • VSG can achieve immediate response<20 msec on load variations with high gradients
  • Engine can run at the most beneficial operating speed
  • Increasedengine life through less wear and tear
  • Uninterruptible power supplyin case engine is off


High degree of random load variations


  • Random high load variationscan cause problems for Variable Speed
  • Generators to continuouslysupply power with high gradients

Key challenges

  • High degreeof random load variations
  • Maintaining stabilityof power generation
  • Operating efficientlyand improving fuel economy
  • Longerrestart time

Known consequences

  • Generator power gradients outside the limits
  • VSG is not able to meet the load demand
  • Shorterlifetime of engine



UCAP balance gradients and smooths genset power

What we offer

  • Ultracapacitor solutionconnected to the DC link of power conversion system
  • Ultracapacitors deliver necessary powerto compensate the load variations and smooth out genset power
  • Ultracapacitors are the only viable technologyto provide high power and high duty cycle

Advantages of the Skeloton product

  • 100% reliableenergy storage with zero maintenance
  • Over 1 million cycles & longer calendar life: 15 to 20 years
  • -40°C to +65°Coperating temperature range
  • Considerably lighterthan batteries
  • Easily fully discharged for safe maintenanceoperations
  • Simpler monitoringand system health checks
  • Ultracapacitors do not leak or contain acid or lead

Case study

Benefits of the Skeleton solution12s4p for 650kW / 20 sec UCAP power

Skeleton Technologies’ SkelGrid 12s1p

  • Turnkey solution 1224 VDC
  • 12x 102V Ultracapacitor modules
  • Switchgear section
  • Switch Disconnector
  • Main contactor
  • Fuses
  • Pre-charge and discharge circuits
  • Auxiliary 24VDC

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