How our ultracapacitors provide peak power for driving simulators

Skeleton Technologies is working with one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies and provides its ultracapacitors for driving simulators to be used for testing autonomous driving solutions and vehicle dynamics. Why are ultracapacitors relevant and even critical for driving simulations? Here are some explanations.

The automotive industry is certainly among the most innovative ones and its technologies are always among the ones to watch because they directly impact the future. One of the groundbreaking changes on the horizon is the widespread adoption of autonomous cars. Of course, these solutions will only gain popularity and trust if they are fully safe and reliable.

This is where simulators come into play. Driving simulators allow to develop and test autonomous driving because self-driving vehicles need to be thoroughly tested to integrate all potential scenarios before getting into the road. Over the years, simulation has become the cornerstone of autonomous vehicle development and it is the key element in pushing the limits of today’s AVs. Car manufacturers have already been integrating components into vehicles based on the technologies needed to enable fully autonomous driving capability.

Virtual testing is necessary to build a competent AV platform. Initial virtual testing can protect developers from potentially costly crashes and incidents out on the road. It can also allow these players to quickly iterate and implement new algorithms and feed in new test data. In addition, it is critical to teach AI to think like a human.

However, driving simulators need high power for short durations, which implies high peak loads on grid connection point, heavy load on electric equipment and limitation of supplied power. Our SkelGrid is therefore a turnkey solution to reduce peak load on grid connection point​, reduce load on electric equipment (cables, transformers, switches, etc)​ and thanks to its high power efficiency due to lowest ESR on the market​. 

For the partner, one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies, using Skeleton modules have reduced peak load on grid connection point of 82% in its simulator test stations requiring peak load of 12 MW. This allows to avoid costs for grid connection expansion, bypass the limitation of supplied power from energy providers and reduce demand charge rates. 

These driving simulators are used by two of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to develop and test autonomous driving solutions and vehicle dynamic performance.

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