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15 August 2023

Tailor-Made touchscreen LCD modules by DMC

The DMC’s DUSH brand enables the expression of originality in products, which has been difficult for device and unit manufacturers […]

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12 April 2023

User-Friendly STN LCD Control Interface from Winstar

Winstar offers a wide range of standard Character LCD Modules for customer’s application. Available standard display types are WH0802, WH1202, […]

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23 August 2022

Introducing 2 IPS TFT LCD displays from Winstar

Winstar introduces 2 IPS TFT LCD displays: WF0128BTYAA4DNN0 – 1.28 inch 240×240 Round IPS TFT-LCD Module WF39ESWASDNG0 – 3.9 inch […]

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04 March 2022

Winstar Graphic COG LCD Module – WO320240E & WO320240F

Winstar introduces the WO320240E as the replacement  of the WO320240D and the WO320240F as the alternative of the WO320240G as […]

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17 August 2021

Custom LCD Display Solution

Winstar has many decades of experience in the design of customized display solutions. For many years we help our customers […]

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18 March 2020

Display/Touchscreen Matrix with our 17 suppliers

With the addition of BOE Technology Group, Nijkerk Electronics now has a portfolio with 17 display & touchscreen suppliers. To […]

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02 October 2019

Pros and cons of four transparent display technologies (video included)

Transparent displays – the future is now. Transparent displays include any electronic screen which can show information on a transparent […]

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