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20 October 2021


Background Modern  battery  packs  for  small,  high  power  applications such as battery powered fork lifts and residential battery energy storage, […]

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10 August 2020

Application Note: Gigavac Contactors for Small Battery Packs

High performance contactors from GIGAVAC are ideal for protecting and isolating high power DC circuits. GIGAVAC is an innovator in […]

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13 July 2020

New Gigavac GV210 Series Contactors Enable Safe and Efficient Operation in Electrification Applications

The Gigavac GV210 Series is ideal for use in high power battery pack applications requiring 150A and below like forklifts, […]

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16 December 2019

GIGAVAC sealed solutions for power switching

GIGAVAC is a leading supplier of power contactors, switches and fuses, providing reliable and energy efficient solutions for a cleaner […]

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06 November 2019

GIGAVAC introduces GV210 Series Contactors

High performance contactor capable up to 900V and 150A GIGAVAC GV210 Series contactors are hermetically sealed, gas filled contactors suitable […]

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