GIGAVAC sealed solutions for power switching

|16 December 2019

GIGAVAC is a leading supplier of power contactors, switches and fuses, providing reliable and energy efficient solutions for a cleaner environment.

GIGAVAC supplies sealed solutions to fill your power switching needs.

EPIC® Sealed Contactors

  • Epoxy Sealed Contactors
  • Sensing Contactors
  • Manual Disconnect Switches
  • PCB Solutions
  • Custom Solutions
  • High Voltage Fuse

In this article we give an overview of the possibilities with Gigavac.
For specific info please contact
Nijkerk Electronics.

GV Series
Commercial Contactors

  • 12V to 1000V
  • Up to 600A
  • Ideal for High Volume Applications

GX/MX Series
Specialized Contactors

  • 12V to 800V
  • Up to 1000A
  • Continuous Duty Options for Integrated Sensing and Military Applications

HX Series
High Voltage Contactors

  • UL Recognized up to 1500V
  • Tested up to 3000V
  • Up to 1000A Continuous Duty

Compact Sealed Contactors

  • 12V to 1500V
  • Up to 80A Continuous Duty
  • UL Recognized Versions


PCB Solutions
Cost Effective Installation

  • Power Distribution Solutions
  • 12V to 1000V
  • Up to 600A Continuous Duty


Custom Solutions
Applications Specific Designs

  • Purpose Engineered Products
  • Simple Modifications to Full Value Added Packages


High Voltage Fuses
Pyro & Electromagnetic

  • Passive and Active Versions
  • Up to 1500V
  • Fast Acting, No Thermal Aging

Battery Disconnect Switches
Hermetic Manual Disconnect

  • 12V to 1000V
  • Up to 600A Continuous Duty

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