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11 April 2022

2-in-1 PSU from Bicker saves space, energy and costs

One AC/DC switching PSU supplies 12V board and 24V peripherals in parallel. The industrial power supply BEG-300-1224 from Bicker with dual output provides a […]

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25 November 2020

24V DC UPS with integrated Li-Ion battery protects against plant downtime and data loss caused by power failures

The reliable and fail-safe DC power supply of embedded IPCs, controls, motor drives, sensors, controls, measurement devices and safety technology […]

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27 May 2020

AC/DC industrial power supplies with thermal pad for conductive cooling meets new safety standard IEC/EN/UL 62368-1

With the models BEO-0812 (+12V) and BEO-0824 (+24V) Bicker Elektronik is extending their AC/DC switching power supply series BEO with […]

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04 December 2019

160-Watt-DC/DC converter with 98% efficiency and 6-36V input

Fanless 160 Watt DC/DC converter with wide range input and three selectable output voltages! The new Bicker DC/DC converter DC160WS […]

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15 November 2019

Whitepaper: Selecting the right battery technology for long-lasting and safe DC UPS systems

The fail-safe availability of process-relevant systems and components begins quite fundamentally with the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the associated […]

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