Holy Stone


Holy Stone Enterprise Company Limited (HEC) is a market leader in designing and manufacturing high quality multilayer ceramic capacitors, single layer ceramic disc capacitors and ceramic based RF components. Holy Stone focuses on SMD capacitors in bigger sizes (up to size 3640), high voltage and low tolerance, stacked capacitors and ceramic disc capacitors in high voltage (up to 20KV), X1/Y1 and X1/Y2 class. Holy Stone has capacitor series with AECQ-200 certificate. HolyStone Enterprise Company Limited is located in Taipei, Taiwan.


Holy Stone Products

  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors;
  • High Capacity, High C/V, High Voltage, X2Y3 and X1Y2 Safety Certified, Hi-Q Value and Low ESL at High Frequency
  • Polymer Terminations (SuperTerm) for Crack Prevention, Application-Specific Design
  • Automotive Ceramic Capacitors AEC-Q200

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29 August 2022

New factory from Holy Stone keeps lead-time for MLCCs stable at 12-16 weeks

Manufacturer Holy stone, known for its broad portfolio of high-capacity MLCCs and ceramic capacitors, has completed the construction of new […]

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04 January 2022

Holy Stone Capacitors for Lighting applications

Holy Stone produces a variety of multilayer ceramic capacitors specifically used in various lighting circuits. Temperature coefficients include stable Class […]

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24 March 2021

Holy Stone’s safety capacitors are typically used in line-to-line (X) circuit applications

SCC X2 and X1/Y2 Series Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Holy Stone Enterprise has one of the broadest industry offerings of safety […]

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