Established in 1998, Winstar Display Co. Ltd has devoted itself to developing and manufacturing high-quality products for Industrial LCD Displays including monochrome TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCD, VATN-LCD, TFT LCD and OLED display modules. Winstar has become the No. 1 of the leading industrial display manufacturers of small & medium sized displays and has managed to secure several global patents due to its constant focus on innovation. Over the last 20 years, Winstar has become proficient in complicated order handling, especially in regard to the LVHM (Low-Volume/High-Mix) operation business model. This is the most important core competence enabling Winstar to fulfill customers’ requirements and expectations.


Winstar Display Products

TFT Displays up to 5.7 inch

  • Built-in Controller Option
  • Touchscreen Option Passive

Matrix Displays

  • Character Modules
  • Graphic Modules
  • Color Modules Custom LCD Modules

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15 April 2024

Quick COG OLED Module Selection Guide by Winstar

It is expected that OLED technology will emerge as they leading next-generation technology for displays. OLED displays offer many significant […]

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26 March 2024

8-inch MIPI IPS 800×1280 TFT LCD Display from Winstar

The WF80GSYAUMN series from Winstar comprises three distinct 8-inch TFT-LCD display modules; the WF80GSYAUMNN0, WF80GSYAUMNG0, and WF80GSYAUMNT0, all designed for […]

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28 February 2024

Learning More About Smart Display RS485 by Winstar

In a previous technical article titled SmartDisplay RS485 Introduction a preliminary introduction to RS485 and Modbus protocol was provided. In […]

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14 February 2024

3 new OLED displays from Winstar

Winstar adds 3 new OLED displays to its product range. WEO012864AH is a 1.54-inch COG 128×64 graphic OLED display module. […]

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