Winstar RS485 Smart Display Series Introduction

|09 June 2022

Smart Display RS485 TFT series is defined as a slave device controlled by a master device via RS485 command to render display content on the display screen and return touch event data with Modbus protocol data. RS485 series TFT is an easy-to-use product that allows you to develop projects rapidly in a cost-effective way. Winstar RS485 Smart Display supports single-master (HOST) platforms, such as a computer (with USB2RS485 Dongle), MCU, and Raspberry Pi.

Common features of Smart Display_RS485 series:

  • RS485 communication interface with Modbus protocol.
  • Built-in 16M flash memory, store the font and Object Dictionary Data.
  • Smart Display scenario is slave device display and action from Master Device instruction.
  • Embedded buzzer controlled by Master Device.
  • Demo set HOST can be used on multiple platforms, such as Computer (with USB2RS485 Dongle), MCU, Single Board Computer with Linux OS.

Specific feature of each model

 4.3” RS485 Smart Display: WL0F00043000WGDAASA00

  • Featured with Winstar wide temperature IPS TFT WF43WTWAEDNGA with PCAP touch panel
  • +5V power supply input, the power consumption is around 2W

5” RS485 Smart Display: WL0F00050000FGDAASA00

  • Integrated with a Winstar standard IPS TFT module WF50FTWAGDNG0 with PCAP touch panel
  • DC 5V working voltage



7” RS485 Smart Display: WL0F0007000A8GDAASA00

  • Integrated with a Winstar standard TFT module WF70A8TYAHLNGB with PCAP touch panel
  • +12V power supply input, the power consumption is around 6W

Winstar developed a Windows app for Smart Display GUI design. Winstar GUI builder software allows customers to simulate their GUI design in advance by using the drag-and-drop Widget preview function; customers can also create their ideal GUI. Winstar GUI builder software supports Windows systems only; it can fulfill What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). The new version of built-in software is a 3-in-1 APP; it combines three application templates for optional, including industrial, vehicle and medical applications. Press the preferred application and hold for 3 seconds at the first time power on. Customers can change to another template by using GUI builder to change the application.

If you want more information or if you have any questions, please contact Nijkerk Electronics!


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