Ultra-Small/Thin ToF Measuring Module Developed by Nippon Chemi-Con

|08 November 2022

Nippon Chemi-Con has developed ultra-small/thin ToF (Time of FLight) modules (NCM008-AA).
Nippon Chemi-Con promotes development of products for Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)/Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), which expects demand for 3D sensing, and products for the contactless interface market. They have succeeded in developing a module that can be embedded into devices. Products will be manufactured at Chemi-Con Nagaoka Corp. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Chemi-Con) which resides in Nagaoka, Niigata.

NCM008-AA Overview

NCM008-AA is an ultra-small/thin module that can measure depths based on the concept of embedding into devices. The product can send high-speed measurement results emitted from depth image sensors to device control units through MIPI-CSI2. A light source in the near-infrared wavelength range is used alongside the indirect ToF depth image sensor. This light was developed with a circuit that was evaluated as “Class 1” in the Safety of Laser Products’ “classification of laser products.” The safety of this light is to be confirmed by third parties.

Samples and Mass Production

NCM008-AA started samples in October 2022 and is scheduled to start mass production in March 2023.

Product Specifications

Active pixels

320(H)×240(V) pixels

Supported image size

QVGA (320*240)

Output format

RAW 12bit

Output interface

MIPI CSI-2 2Lane

Frame rate

60fps MAX

Angle of view


VCSEL laser range


VCSEL laser wavelength


External dimensions

L35mm×W24mm×H8mm (excluding FPC)

Operating temperature

0 to +40℃

Supported measurement range

0.4m to 2.0m (TBD)

Measurement accuracy

< 3%@400mm (based on our measurement environment)

If you want more information or if you have any questions, please contact Nijkerk Electronics!

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