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22 July 2021

PureeChem 6V/5F supercap:  Small amount of energy but fast response time and 500K lifetime cycles

It’s not a battery, it’s a supercap. It’s not chemical, it’s physical . Supercaps do not have the same energy […]

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24 September 2020

The Aspark Owl, supercar with supercapacitors for insane acceleration

Aspark Owl, an all-electric supercar from Japan has just clocked in a 0-100 sprint time of 1.92 seconds! The Aspark […]

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14 September 2020

New supplier! Pureechem for small size ultra-capacitors

Nijkerk Electronics is introducing Pureechem as a new supplier for ultracapacitors. Pureechem is specialized in manufacturing small radial ultracapacitors in […]

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