PureeChem 6V/5F supercap:  Small amount of energy but fast response time and 500K lifetime cycles

|22 July 2021

It’s not a battery, it’s a supercap. It’s not chemical, it’s physical . Supercaps do not have the same energy density as a battery, so it’s not intended to replace a battery. It has some interesting advantages like speed, a lot of charge/discharge cycles and lower long term system cost.

Many applications need the power density of batteries but also the speed, longer charge holding time or increased number of cycles. Therefore a hybrid system can be very useful to combine both batteries and supercaps.

The supercaps provide the quick burst of energy, while the batteries handle the long-term energy needs. This hybrid solution of Pureechem can provide sufficient power and speed to maintain data communication prior to system’s complete shutdown.

Download datasheet

A complete overview of PureeChem supercaps can be found here.

For questions about the PureeChem supercaps, please contact Nijkerk Electronics


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