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10 May 2021

Leveraging high-performance shunts in high-voltage battery applications for next-gen electric vehicles

High-performance bus bar shunt resistors are helping electric vehicle (EV) designers meet the challenges of the market in new ways. […]

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26 November 2020

Power Resistors Used as Busbar Shunts

Are you looking for highly flexible low-ohmic busbar shunts for current measurement in high power applications with outstanding long-term stability? […]

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06 November 2020

Isabellenhütte offers AEC-Q200 qualified  shunt resistors for precise current measurement in automotive and industrial applications.

Whether in a conventional car or in an electric car: As an integral component in applications such as battery management […]

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02 April 2020

FMx series are small, high pulse power rating and low-ohmic values, excellent solution for current sensing

ISABELLENHÜTTE has developed new series of precision resistors in standard sizes with resistances ranging from 1,5 mOhm to 6 mOhm […]

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02 January 2020

Isabellenhütte ISA-WELD® Precision Resistors for high current applications

ISA-WELD® Precision resistor for energy metering/bus bar mounting. Typical applications kWh-meters, energy metering, Battery current sensing, High current sensing in […]

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18 October 2019

Agoria Solar Team have won the World Solar Challenge

After 16 years of trying, Belgian Agoria Solar Team (KU Leuven) have finally won their first World Solar Challenge from […]

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29 August 2019

Isabellenhütte precision and power resistors

Isabellenhütte precision and power resistors application overview (video) Isabellenhütte is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality precision and […]

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06 February 2019

Green power solutions for energy storage

Visitors who are interested in Ultracapacitors, DC and AC Power Contactors or High precision current and voltage measurement systems should […]

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