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15 April 2024

Quick COG OLED Module Selection Guide by Winstar

It is expected that OLED technology will emerge as they leading next-generation technology for displays. OLED displays offer many significant […]

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14 February 2024

3 new OLED displays from Winstar

Winstar adds 3 new OLED displays to its product range. WEO012864AH is a 1.54-inch COG 128×64 graphic OLED display module. […]

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16 May 2023

Winstar adds 128×128 COG Graphic LCD Display Module

Winstar has added a 128×128 monochrome graphic COG LCD module, the WO128128B. The dimensions of the display are 68.0x72mm and […]

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11 July 2022

Winstar IC Graphic COG OLED displays in 3 different sizes

In this article the dimension and features of the following 3 IC Graphic COG OLED displays from Winstar are described: […]

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09 March 2022

Winstar 0 .91″ COG OLED with In-cell Touch Panel (WEO012832M-CTP ) & 1.54″ COG Graphic OLED with CTP Touch (WEO012864A-CTP)

Winstar WEO012832M-CTP model is a 0.91” COG Graphic OLED display with In-Cell Capacitive Touch Panel, which is made of resolution […]

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04 March 2022

Winstar Graphic COG LCD Module – WO320240E & WO320240F

Winstar introduces the WO320240E as the replacement  of the WO320240D and the WO320240F as the alternative of the WO320240G as […]

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14 September 2021

Winstar 1.54″ Gray Scale 128×64 COG OLED

The Winstar  WEO012864AA model is a 1.54 inch 128×64 COG OLED display module. This graphic display is built-in with SSD1327 […]

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14 July 2021

Winstar OLED Circuit Built-in Solution—WEA Series

Winstar released a series of OLED Circuit Built-in Solution display modules – OLED WEA Series. The OLED WEA Series are […]

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18 January 2021

Winstar 3.55″ COG Graphic OLED

The Winstar WEO025664D model is a COG type Graphic OLED; it’s diagonal size 3.55 inch, made of 256×64 pixels. This […]

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21 December 2020

Winstar launches two COG OLED displays

Winstar launches two new COG OLED displays: WEO012864V and the WEA128128A. The Winstar WEO012864V is a 128×64 resolution COG graphic […]

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11 March 2020

Winstar releases two new graphic OLED modules

Winstar has released two new Graphic COG with PCB OLED modules. 0,91 Inch Graphic OLED WEA012832F 1,28 Inch Graphic OLED […]

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27 November 2019

0.68″ COG Graphic OLED WEO009632B

The Winstar WEO009632B is a mini OLED display which is made of 96×32 pixels, diagonal size 0.68 inch. WEO009632B is […]

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