SW China’s first driverless metro embraces the magic of LUMINEQ transparency

Full-automated Chengdu metro brings a unique visual experience to passengers through the open cockpit and LUMINEQ in-glass display. Chengdu metro line 9 as SW China’s first fully-automated driverless metro has attracted lots of public attention with its unique visual experience since it started operating in December 2020.


The metro cockpit is featured with a head-up display powered by LUMINEQ in-glass display and is open to all passengers. Every day, the open cockpit in the front of the train is full of Chengdu citizens who punch in, rush to take photos, and share with their friends. While enjoying the full view that is usually only available for the driver, they also witness the latest transparent display technology in action.

The head-up display is laminated in glass to show information like metro speed, date, and time. It is a more recent technology than the typical projected head-up display available in cars.

The traditional projector-based head-up solution requires extra space and a slight angle between the windshield and the projector. It is challenging to use the projector in the train, tram, or bus cockpit due to the space limitation and the steep windshield.

That is why you barely see head-up displays in public vehicles, trucks, vans, or industrial machine vehicles.

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