Pureechem is specialized in manufacturing small radial ultracapacitors in the range of 3 Farad – 100 Farad, 2.7 Vdc and 3.0 Vdc. The operating temperature range is -40℃ ~ +85℃. For the higher voltage, they offer small radial capacitor modules in rated voltage 5.4 Vdc and 6.0Vdc in the range of 1.5 Farad – 5 Farad. They also manufacture a variety of other customized module products for small radial capacitors.

Founded in December 2007, Pureechem continued growing based on its expertise in electro-chemistry and environmentally friendly technologies. As a components and materials supplier to the renewable energy industry, Pureechem aims to be an industry leader in making the world greener. Pureechem has been dedicated to becoming a reliable supplier of parts and materials for renewable energy especially low esr supercapacitor and high temperature supercapacitor.

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  • Low esr supercapacitor
  • High temperature supercapacitor

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