With over 30 years’ experience, OMC’s knowledge and technical expertise in fibre optics are unparalleled. Their industrial fibre optic systems are used around the globe in a vast range of applications where reliability and performance are critical. Examples include braking systems in railway and MTR networks, high voltage switchgear in power distribution grids, MRI scanners & life support equipment, optical isolation in the petrochemical industry & interference-proof communication in the defence sector.

Many of the off-the-shelf fibre-optic components available in the industry today fail to meet the standards of performance, robustness and longevity needed in industrial applications. This is why OMC designed, developed and introduced a wide range of proprietary components, all of which interface with industry standards, while offering much enhanced features.



OMC Products

  • Polymer Optical Fibre
  • Glass Optical Fibre
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Housed Fibre Optic Transmitters
  • Housed Fibre Optic Receivers

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23 April 2020

OMC’s new hermetically-sealed FDE851HLBF infra-red fibre optic emitter optimises long-term reliability in challenging environments

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, has released a hermetically-sealed 850nm fibre optic transmitter diode which delivers a […]

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17 March 2020

New Suppliers: BOE and OMC

We are proud to announce two new suppliers in the Nijkerk Electronics portfolio: BOE and OMC. Nijkerk Electronics only works […]

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02 March 2020

OMC introduces the FDE854LBF fibre optic LED emitter

OMC announces a new fibre optic emitter, designated the FDE854LBF, which joins next-generation infra-red die technology with integral micro-optics to […]

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