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Aavid is the leading global provider of cooling solutions and services for electronic devices and is dedicated to thermal management innovation. Serving all industries from Aerospace to Consumer Electronics, the company focuses on fully optimizing traditional cooling systems as well as engineering new, more advanced thermal solutions.


Aavid Thermalloy Products

  • Heat Sinks: Board level, Extrusions, CPU , LED, Max Clip
  • Liquid cold plates, heat pipes, heat exchangers
  • Fans and fan heatsink combo’s
  • Thermal interface material: adhesives, gap fillers, phase change, thermal grease
  • Thermal Design Resources

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12 September 2022

Boyd Hi-Contact™ Tube Liquid Cold Plates (LCP’s) for low to medium power density applications

Boyd Corporation’s Hi-Contact™ technology optimizes the contact area liquid tubes have with a cooling surface to provide the best possible […]

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