Boyd Hi-Contact™ Tube Liquid Cold Plates (LCP’s) for low to medium power density applications

|12 September 2022

Boyd Corporation’s Hi-Contact™ technology optimizes the contact area liquid tubes have with a cooling surface to provide the best possible liquid cold plate thermal performance. The patented geometry used in these designs ensures the most tube-to-plate and tube-to-device contact possible to minimize interface resistance between all contact surfaces. To further increase performance, a thermal epoxy is applied to the tube/plate joint to provide a gap-free thermal interface between the tube and cold plate.

Boyd’s patented Hi-Contact™ liquid cold plates feature copper or stainless steel tubing mechanically interlocked into aluminum plates. These cost effective liquid cold plates are designed specifically for low to medium power density applications.

Standard Boyd Hi-Contact™ tube liquid cold plates feature a joint-free continuous tube press-fit into an extruded aluminum plate in a variety of passes for various performance levels.

Custom Hi-Contact™ Cold Plates are available with either continuous tube styles or a manifold style to increase tube density within the liquid cold plate. Manifolds are brazed to tubes and tested for 100% leak-free performance.

  • Standard sizes: 2-pass, 4-pass, 6-pass models.
  • Custom Sizes: Available on demand
  • Tube Material: Stainless Steel, Cupron

If you want more information or if you have any questions about this product, please contact Nijkerk Electronics!


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