LEDs & RGB IC LEDs for EV charger application

|22 February 2021

Our supplier Harvatek sees a growing demand for LEDs for EV charging stations.
Harvatek offers a complete portfolio of LED solutions for charging stations.

In this article we present their solutions:

– Single-colour indicator

– PLCC RGB keypad backlighting

– ARGB Color | embedded RGB LEDs

– Light Strip | Customised LED Module

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Single Color Indicator & PLCC RGB Keypad Backlighting





Single Color Indicator:
B1701 Series – 0805, T 0.8 mm
B18W1 Series – 0603, T 0.95 mm (High Brightness)
B1911 Series – 0603, T 0.95 mm

PLCC RGB Keypad Backlighting:
T3683 Series – 3528, T 1.9 mm RGB
T3A83 Series – 5050, T 1.6 mm RGB

ARGB Color (IC Embedded RGB LEDs) and Light Strip (Customized LED Module)





ARGB Color – IC Embedded RGB LEDs | Simple Circuit for Aurora Light Control
T3A33 Series – 5050 PLCC6

Light Strip | Customized LED Module

5M ARGB Strip
5050 PLCC6_60pcs LED/M

Dimension / 5000* 12 * 0.25mm(H) 5050 PLCC6 Top View, 60ea/M

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