LUMINEQ Unveils a Mass Production-Ready Digital Reticle to Enhance Riflescopes

|03 February 2022

New rugged transparent display from LUMINEQ brings dynamic reticle and digital information to the line of sight without sacrificing the optical quality or reliability of the scopes.

Lumineq, a premium manufacturer of rugged transparent displays, announced the ELT119S-RETICLE — a mass production-ready reticle-size display to enhance riflescope digitalization. Scope manufacturers can seamlessly integrate the display that brings dynamic reticle and digital information to the line of sight, enabling smart features for faster and more accurate aiming.

Ultra-rugged with excellent transmission and optical properties, the ELT119S-RETICLE allows line-of-sight deployment at the focal point without sacrificing the optical quality or reliability of the scopes. This standard reticle display enables a shorter time to market for scope manufacturers using LUMINEQ technology.

The ELT119S-RETICLE features:

  • Traditional glass-etched BDC reticle with Christmas tree-shaped holdover dots
  • Transparent self-emitting display segments enabling lighting up the crosshair and/or the Christmas tree holdover dots
  • Dynamic drop dot from a chain of 88 dots
  • Digital range information

This comprehensive digital reticle addresses the needs of many, but customers who prefer a custom reticle can also benefit from the standardized LUMINEQ driver board.

“We are offering a revolutionary technology to enhance the digitalization of the scope market and improve situational awareness of end users. We want them to be confident about getting not only the most innovative but also the most rugged smart scope reticle technology.” said Petri Schroderus, President of Lumineq Oy.

As digital cameras enable amateurs to take professional-looking photos, they become preferable choices for many. Likewise, a larger audience will inevitably welcome a digital scope that provides dynamic reticle and critical information for precise aiming sooner or later. Companies that embrace supported technologies like LUMINEQ transparent displays to develop smart scopes will gain a competitive advantage and secure more market share.

“Electro-optics is the future of the scope industry. Consumers are looking for some innovations in hunting optics. It’s very promising to see that we can integrate the LUMINEQ display with our optics. Their display provides higher light transmission, which is crucial for riflescopes,” said James Liu, the CEO of Superior Optics. “Our collaboration went smoothly. We are working with a knowledgeable team that has expertise.”

About Lumineq Oy

Lumineq Oy is a premium manufacturer of the world’s most rugged and transparent displays. LUMINEQ transparent displays improve situational awareness of optical device users and vehicle safety by bringing dynamic information to the line of sight. They offer over 90% optically clear transparency, adjustable brightness from night vision to daylight, and low power consumption.

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