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Nijkerk Electronics was founded in Amsterdam in 1959 as a distributor of electronic components with subsidiaries in The Netherlands and Belgium. As one of the last independent companies of its kind Nijkerk Electronics succeeded in developing herself as one of the most im portant suppliers of semiconductors, passive com ponents, opto electro nics and modules. During the past 5 decades Nijkerk Electronics has invested strategically in state-of-the-art software and computer technology, as well as in-house engineering know- how, to optimize its role as a leading value added distributor of electronic components.



  • 2015-04-17 Lumineq revolutionizes display readability with the launch of EL04S
  • 2015-03-02 Exars' Non-isolated HV AC Led drivers
  • 2015-03-02 GIGAVAC’s California facility has been certified to ISO14001


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Nijkerk Electronics supplies OLED displays to Formula Electric Belgium team.

Formula Electric Belgium unites a group of motivated engineering students from different campuses of KU Leuven University and Thomas More University College in Flanders, Belgium. The practical goal of the project is to design, build and drive an electric Formula Student race car. In the process, they are joined by several partners who help realizing the development of the car. After a year of development and manufacturing processes, the team will participate in several international events of the Formula Student competition. Formula Electric Belgium is not just a racing team. The project offers a platform in which technological partners can showcase and test their latest innovating developments. Nijkerk Electronics delivered a bunch of Oled displays to the electronics of the Formula Electric Belgium team. This display will be mounted on the dashboard of the race car and will provide information to the driver while driving as well as information about the drive afterwards when standing still. Nijkerk Electronics was able to deliver a display with Oled technology, which will be an advantage compared to last year. Positive thing about this Oled technology is that the information on the screen is as much readable to the person standing next to the car, as to the driver himself.

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