Winstar 1.28 inch OLED display

|01 July 2019

Winstar 1.28 inch OLED display module – COG ZIF version

Winstar WEO012864L-ZIF is a 1.28″ COG ZIF version OLED display module; it’s made of 128×64 dot matrix format. This 1.28 inch Graphic OLED module is built in with controller SH1106G IC; it supports 8-bit 6800 and 8080, 3-wire/4-wire SPI and I2C interfaces. WEO012864L-ZIF module can be operating at temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃; its storage temperatures range from -40℃ to +85℃. These OLED COG modules are ultra thin, lightweight and low power consumption which is great for handheld instruments, meters, smart grid, medical device, IoT system, etc. This model is available in white and yellow colors. For detail information, please contact us.

WEO012864LWAP3N00F00: White





Dot Matrix

128 × 64

Module dimension

34.50 × 23.00 × 1.65 mm

Active Area

29.42 × 14.20 mm

Pixel Size

0.205 × 0.197 mm

Pixel Pitch

0.230 × 0.222 mm

Display Mode

Passive Matrix OLED

Display Color

Yellow / White

Drive Duty

1/64 Duty


IC SH1106G


6800/8080/3-SPI /4-SPI / I2C


1.28 inch

WEO012864L-ZIF Contour Drawing & Block Diagram


Source: Winstar WEO012864L-ZIF web page

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