Ultracapacitors versus batteries

|10 January 2020

At the Energy Storage Event (13th of february in Vianen NL) our supplier Skeleton Technologies will give the lecture Ultracapacitors versus batteries.

A battle as old as the technologies themselves: ultracapacitors and batteries rule the energy storage industry, fighting for a place at the top. Batteries, as the older and more established technology, wear the crown, but ultracapacitors have taken huge technological leaps forward in the past decade, and are now overtaking batteries in  lifetime and usability in the  high power density for short-term energy storage.

Ultracapacitors and batteries differ in one significant way: ultracapacitors store energy in an electrostatic field and batteries store energy as part of a chemical reaction. Now, if you just need to power your flashlight, you can buy a set of Alkaline batteries and go on your merry, well-lit, way.

But if your application is more complex and has more demanding requirements, it’s vital to understand the characteristics of each technology.

Speaker Sebastian Pohlmann will explain the different characteristics of the technology and give examples.
Characteristics to be discussed: Energy density, Power Density, Lifetime, Safety and Toxicity, Operating range, Charging and Discharging, Shelf life, Price, Self-discharge rate.

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