Top 5 guidelines for designing transparent vehicle displays (download eBook)

The magic of transparency

With transparent displays, you can break design boundaries of conventional vehicles by turning any glass surface, such as windshields, side windows or doors, into an interactive see-through display. Transparent display glass can be in-glass laminated, drilled or cut to custom shape to fulfill different design requirements. With crystal clear transparency and 360-degree viewing angle, transparent displays bridge the gap between the digital and the physical worlds. This is no longer science fiction, it’s a reality.

As exciting as these unlimited possibilities are, they also create a new need for understanding and embracing the benefits of see-through displays. Both functionality and transparency of these displays are reaching new heights and they can improve information flow, safety, ergonomics, situational awareness and overall user experience. There are choices to be made on placement, on-screen information, number and shape of the displays, just to mention a few of the aspects to consider when designing displays. There is no all-encompassing answer to these questions, but our eBook will provide you with ideas, inspiration and basic guidelines for designing transparent displays for vehicles – from cars, tractors, and ships to aircraft.

Industry examples

As the vast design possibilities of transparent displays unfold, the biggest question of the design process still remains the purpose of the display. While this sounds self-evident, it’s surprisingly easy to get lost in the endless possibilities and forget the main purpose of the display. Is the display there for safety reasons, for critical information or for ergonomics? Or perhaps just for the wow factor? Keeping the purpose clear in mind will help you define what works best with the vehicle in question; how many displays are needed and what is the right placement.

In our eBook, we use five industry examples to illustrate the basic guidelines in designing transparent vehicle displays.

  • Improving traffic safety with fully utilized bus windshields
  • Car service information on side windows
  • Improved ergonomics for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Saving space in aircraft
  • World-class user experience in cars

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Source: Lumineq Displays

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