The possibilities of Optoelectronic Devices and Components

Optoelectronic devices encompass a broad range of detection/emission components designed to either receive or emit electromagnetic signals.

For example, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) generate light in response to an electrical voltage (V) and current (amperes), while a phototransistor absorbs incident light to convert photons into electrical energy.

In this post, Nijkerk Electronics offers a brief overview of TT Electronics optoelectronic devices and offers some insights into their high-reliability range of optoelectronic products.

An Overview of Optoelectronic Devices

Light-emitting optoelectronic devices are most commonly used in illumination, where LEDs have rapidly outstripped the capabilities of all prior technologies: incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lights, etc. Their potential downstream applications are extremely varied with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) light-emitting optoelectronic devices serving markets as varied as the aerospace, medical, automotive, and military sectors.

Optoelectronic devices used for light detection operate on the inverse principle of LEDs and other optical diodes; converting electromagnetic energy into amperes or volts. The most commercially-recognizable of these are solar cells, which exploit the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor materials to absorb sunlight and generate power.

TT Electronics offers an expansive line of optoelectronic devices and components, however, due to the sheer diversity of the technology, here we will focus on our high-reliability optoelectronic solutions.

High-reliability systems are those designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. This starts with 100% inspection of all incoming materials and robust quality control to ensure that all devices can operate with assurance for extended lengths of service in the most extreme applications. Our high-reliability optoelectronics meet and exceed these requirements.

JAN Isolators: The JAN optoisolators boast a high current transfer ratio, with a 1 kilovolt (kV) electrical isolation capability. They are regularly implemented in military and aerospace equipment.

COTS Products: With infrared-emitting diodes and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) along with photo-sensors and assemblies, TT Electronics offers COTS optoelectronics in a range of high-reliability formats: LEDs, photodiodes, phototransistors, integrated detectors, and more. Each is available in hermetic packages for unerring performance in demanding applications, including the medical market.

TT Electronics build their high-reliability optoelectronic devices to meet and exceed military and aerospace standards, based on MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-STD-883, and ESA 5000 test method and procedures with 100% in-house screening and Quality Conformance Inspection (QCI)testing. This ensures that all our high-reliability systems can operate in the harshest environments, withstanding high-temperatures and significant mechanical stress.

If you would like any more information about our full range of optoelectronic devices and components, simply contact Nijkerk Electronics today.

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