Skeleton Technologies Launches Skelmod 131v for Medical, Grid, and UPS Applications

The SkelMod 131V is an ultracapacitor module targeted especially for power quality applications in the medical industry, where it can be used for shaving peaks of power and to ensure sufficient power quality for MRI machines. Other use cases include wind turbine pitch control, Kinetic Energy Recovery applications, as well as Uninterruptible Power Supply systems.

SkelMod 131V offers:

  • 131 VDC nomical voltage
  • IP20 protection
  • Ultra-low ESR
  • Long lifetime – 1 million duty cycles
  • Resistive cell voltage balancing
  • Active cooling (forced air)
  • Analog alarm signal outputs
  • LED status indicators

The key advantage of SkelMod 131V is its low internal resistance, which leads to high power and long lifetime. The module is equipped with forced air cooling, further improving performance and increasing lifetime. 

The module uses 46 of SCA0300 ultracapacitor cells, packing a lot of power in a relatively small casing. SkelMod 131V weighs 5.05 kg and can operate in 0-50 °C (32-122 °F).

SkelMod 131V is manufactured at Skeleton Technologies’ production facility in Germany and already being shipped to customers.

For datasheets or any other questions, please contact Nijkerk Electronics

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