MWT introducing new series with 12.1/15.6-inch High/Normal-Brightness TFT-LCD Modules

|30 January 2024

MWT introduces their newest innovation, the MW-121/MW-156 new series. This series has 12.1/15.6-inch High/Normal-Brightness TFT-LCD Modules with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen technology.

Designed with an LVDS interface, the MW-121/MW-156 series guarantees reliable and high-quality display performance. The IPS panel not only offers an impressive viewing angle in all directions but also boasts both high and normal brightness options with the SAME pin definition. The built-in LED driver enhances versatility, making these modules ideal for a wide array of applications, both outdoor and indoor.


Upgrade your display solutions with MWT’s MW-121/MW-156 for a brilliant and interactive visual experience across diverse applications. It is ideal for a range of industries, including smart home appliances, medical equipment, industrial control devices, EV charging station.

Specification 12.1”1024×768

Specification  12.1”1280×800

Specification 15.6”1920×1080

If you want more information or if you have any questions, please contact Nijkerk Electronics!

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