Mitsubishi Electric to Launch “SLIMDIP-X” Power Semiconductor Module

Mitsubishi Electric announced that its new SLIMDIP-X power semiconductor module, which achieves low thermal resistance and noise for use in home-appliance inverter systems, is released. This new module in the SLIMDIPTM series is expected to help simplify and reduce the size of inverter systems used in products such as air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators.

Product Features

1:  Reduced thermal resistance will contribute to simpler thermal designs

  • An upgraded insulation sheet reduces thermal resistance between the chip and case by approximately 35% compared to the existing SLIMDIP-L module, and the rating current has been increased to 20A.
  • High-temperature suppression in the reverse-conducting IGBT (RC-IGBT) will help to simplify the thermal designs for inverter systems.

2: Low noise will help realize smaller, lower-cost inverter systems

  • Noise reduction technology deployed in the RC-IGBT helps to reduce the number of noise suppression components, which will lead to smaller and lower-cost inverter systems.

3: SLIMDIP series package compatibility helps to shorten design time

  • Adopting a SLIMDIP series-compatible package, including dimensions and pin layout (while nevertheless increasing the rating current), will greatly help to shorten inverter-system designing.

Main Specifications

Dimensions 18.8 x 32.8 x 3.6 mm
Application Home air conditioners, washing machines, etc
Rating voltage 600V
Rating current 20A
Built-in chips Three-phase inverter bridge with built-in RC-IGBT, HVIC, LVIC
and bootstrap diode chips
Functions – Short-circuit (SC) protection by means of outer shunt resistor
– Controlled power supply under-voltage (UV) protection: Fo output on N-side
– Over-temperature protection (on N-side)
– Analog temperature voltage output (VOT)
Other Open-emitter N-side IGBT

If you want more information or if you have any questions about this product, please contact Nijkerk Electronics!

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