|17 June 2020

Large size Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are ideal for a variety of applications, from voltage multipliers, surge protection, isolation and power supplies, to DC-DC converters, ballast, snubber circuits and industrial control uses. The Holystone MLCCs are available in popular case sizes from 2520 to 3640 in dielectrics COG/NPO and X7R. DC voltage ratings range from 50V to 8KV, with capacitance values from 68pF to 18uF. The range is fully RoHS compliant.

Historically, users have experienced problems with this type of surface-mount device from both mechanical cracking, due to board bending, and surface arcing on the higher voltages, caused by surface contamination of the capacitor. Either of these can cause the device to fail.

HolyStone has eliminated these problems with the use of a flexible polymer termination (called Superterm), which minimises the effects of mechanical stress. Surface arcing is also now a thing of the past, thanks to an optional proprietary surface-coating to aid cleaning post-soldering. This eradicates any surface contaminants, which are the main cause of arcing. These innovations have allowed HolyStone to provide a cost-effective and feasible alternative to large leaded radial devices, which is good news indeed for the electronic component industry.

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