Important message about logistics and lead time

This year 2021 will continue to keep us on our toes with COVID 19 and we will notice challenges and changes in the market we are working in.
Therefore, we must inform you in good time that the delivery times and prices in the entire distribution market, especially for displays and other electronic components, will increase significantly in some cases.
There are a few reasons for this. Shutdowns or slowdowns of component production because of coronavirus, rising prices for copper and other materials and potential shortage of multilayer ceramic capacitors.
Another reason for this is the increased global demand for monitors and laptops for equipping workplaces in the home office and in the education sector. This is associated with a shortage of driver ICs and display glasses in all common sizes. In addition, the rapid increase in mobile devices in connection with introducing 5G has meant that the capacities for the required wafers are already at their limit.
Most of our suppliers and partners urgently point out an impending delivery bottleneck due to the increased demand for these materials and components.
After an explosion in air freight costs last year, ocean freight costs are now catching up. Our forwarders informed us that they are confronted with a chaos in container shipping, lack of empty containers plus shortage of ships.
Nijkerk Electronics is working pro-active with the forecast from our customers. We will order the demand in the forecast upfront, but our customers are liable for the quantities up to 28 weeks in this forecast. Please contact our sales team for individual agreements with Nijkerk Electronics. We urgently ask you to thoroughly determine your needs and, as far as possible, to place far-reaching orders.
Ed Djie
Managing Director
Nijkerk Electronics

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