Harvatek IC + RGB LED series: Single- and Dual Wire, Bypassing and Dimming

|24 February 2020

Recently, Harvatek has introduced the 2020 RGB + IC, which is part of the B33G3 series. This new technology makes it possible to light the RGB LEDS individually. Especially with commercial displays, interior lighting or LED Matrix boards this new technology offers interesting possibilities.

Single Wire versus Dual Wire for optimal human vision

Generally, human vision can spot a delay time over 30ms Dual wire transmits data faster and preferable for longer serial connection due to its much shorter delay time compared to single wire. Each led with single wire takes 30μs to transfer from one led to another, while it takes 1.9μs to transfer from one to another with dual wire.

Single Wire: Standard Data Transmission < 1.000 LED Serial Connection
Dual Wire: Faster Data Transmission >1.000 LED Connection

Bypass and Dimming of RGB LEDs

With the Single Wire 6 Pins IC + RGB Series there are two more interesting options: Bypassing and Dimming. With the bypass function each IC and LED work independently of each other. The big advantage of this technology is that the LEDs continue to function if any of the LEDs fails. 

With the dimming function it’s possible to create special effects like: More colorful effects, Sleep and wake up mode (saves power) and an effect comparable to breathing light function.

 See the demonstration of dimming function in the YouTube link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7m2GDtZkus


For more information about the Harvatek IC + RGB LED series, contact Nijkerk Electronics.

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