Energy Storage event (Exhibitor)

13 February 2020

13 February 2020

The Energy Storage event informs you with a broad program with lectures. You gain insight into the latest developments in energy storage. The neutral transfer of knowledge offers you expertise about the benefits with the technology.

With stricter policies for making the economy more sustainable, the rise of wind and solar energy and falling battery prices, new business cases for energy storage are emerging.

Nijkerk Electronics will present the latest Green Power Solutions from leading companies like: Isabellenhütte, GigaVac, Promet and Skeleton Technolgies.

Batteries versus Ultra Capacitors
Our supplier Skeleton will give a lecture ‘Batteries versus Ultra Capacitors at the Energy Storage Event
Ultracapacitors and batteries are the two leading energy storage technologies, but what’s the difference between them? When should you use ultracapacitors and when are batteries the better choice?


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