DMC Notification: DUS/EXC series – chamfering edges and corners of ITO glass

05 June 2019

Please be notified that DMC add a notification on the production drawing of DUS/EXC series regarding chamfering edges and corners of ITO glass as follows.

1: Reason for the change
Chamfering and corner cutting of ITO glass for touch screen are different between in-house products and outsourced products. By adding this notification to each product drawing, both ITO glass would be generally usable. This modification would not affect product specification and this would be mentioned on the product drawing as well.

2: Oblect
[DMC standard items]

3: Changed contents
We would add the notification to each product drawing as follows“
Edges and corners of ITO glass may be chamfered without affecting product specification.”

4: Modification period
After this notification, we will apply this change accordingly without further notice.

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Source: DMC

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